Jack = Dad, age 55, Australian

Bella = Mum, age 45, American

Bo = Daughter, age 17, Australian/American

No Boxes = Freedom, age newborn

It took us a long time to wake up from the American/Australian dream. It always felt like a lucid dream. Even though we followed it wherever it led us for many years, we always knew that we had the power to change its course.

That’s what we’re doing, we’re taking charge of the dream and changing it’s course. A course to a minimalist, adventurous, healthy, vegetarian, fit and happy life free from BOXES, both physical and metaphorical.

We are in control. We are making our own rules and changing the outcome of that dream.

We want to share our successes and failures with you, and hopefully inspire you to free yourself and to take control of your dream.

Boxes, boxes and more BOXES

image : Munro, Heather. “Garage full of boxes.” hmunro.wordpress.com. 3 Apr. 2013. 3 Apr. 2013 <http://hmunro.wordpress.com&gt;


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