Split down the middle

by Bella

So it’s super cool what 23andMe does with your results when you link results with close family members. They were actually able to split my results down the middle, 50% from dad and 50% from mom. They also refined my results and some of the percentages changed.

So initially, I was going to just get my dad tested rather than myself, because we had scant info about his side of the family. By just testing myself, as a female, I would have only gotten the info from my 2 “X” chromosomes leaving big gaps regarding my paternal line. In the end, after researching and finding out that having both of us tested would yield split results, the decision was obvious. I had to get us both tested. It also helped that Jack was able to get the test kits on eBay at 25% off. Schweet!

In my last post, I shared my overall final results that further proved that I made the right decision getting myself tested. We got a bit of a surprise on my mom’s side that revealed that she had at least one ethnically Jewish grand-parent. No one in her family had a clue despite their extensive ancestry research and family tree that goes back to the 16th century.

Now I want to share the oh so cool split results.

I was able to link my dad’s results to my by going into my 23andMe account after both our our results were in and searching for and designating him as my father under the “Ancestry Overview,” “Paternal Line.” Once I’d done that, it took about a week and the revised overall results as well as the split results were available.

Not only did 23andMe split the maternal and paternal DNA, they also were able to refine the percentages of ancestral groups. For example my percentage of Ashkenazi went up from 12.8 to 13.2 percent. That’s not a huge difference, but it means that for every linked close family member who’s tested, your results become more refined.

An added bonus is that when my familial matches contact me through 23andMe to share their DNA, andI accept their invitation, I can compare their results to my father’s and instantly know if they’re related through my paternal or maternal line.

So what’s next? I’ve found a way to build an excellent quality detailed free family tree on line which also links my tree to others in their database. It’s Family Search. I created a free account and start putting in my info. Well I had only entered in about a dozen names before I got my first match. It turned out to be genuine and took one line of my family back 8 generations. Maybe I was just lucky, but, needless to say, I was pretty stoked with how easy it was to get a match.

Between the DNA test, ancestry.com and Family Search, I hope to continue learning about my family history. The DNA test has been the most insightful so far. I’ll use the results to try to find the ancestors who put all the different flavors in my genes.

If you know of any great, little-known sources that would be helpful in my search, please share them in the comments. I have yet to find any family members on ships records or in Europe. Any help or advice would be appreciated. I certainly hope that some of the information I’ve shared can help someone else.


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