8 Companies That Use BPA-Free Lining In Canned Foods

Finally a list of organic brands in BPA free cans. The original article on OrganicAuthority RSS feed http://ift.tt/1xYsYxG goes into more detail and covers Trader Joe’s products too. I’m going to print out the list to carry with me as a quick reference.

Original content comes to us from OrganicAuthority RSS feed http://ift.tt/1xYsYxG

Companies That Use Bisphenol A Free Lining In Their Canned Foods

Looking for BPA-free canned goods? You should be, and for good reason.

The amount of bisphenol A (BPA) found in the lining of canned foods varies, but overall levels are small. Even still, scientists aren’t sure whether low exposure is dangerous. The chemical has been linked to all sorts of health conditions including heart disease, cancers, and developmental problems. Studies have even found that bisphenol A can lower sperm counts in men.

BPA is a main ingredient in epoxy resins which extend the shelf life of canned foods. Canned foods have been found to contain the highest amounts of the chemical, though smaller amounts also show up in plastic containers as well.

“Even if the levels are considered low, there are multiple sources of BPA and you don’t just eat one thing in a day,” said John Meeker, an epidemiologist…

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