Super Cute Japanese Ami Elephants

by Bella

My last post talked about Zen inspiration. The simplicity associated with Zen Buddhism is not the only traditionally Japanes thing that I find myself drawn too.

A few months back, I shared pics of some of the little amigurumi toys that I make. My favorite pattern is a true Japanese pattern. It’s definitely the most complicated of all the ami I’ve ever made, but so worth the effort and pretty intense focus required. Thank you to Stephanie from All About Ami for translating the pattern and posting it for free with loads of pics and drawings that make it much easier to follow.

I’ve made 3 of them to date. The first one, I sold and have had requests for more. The two pictured here are special requests. One is for someone who was actually born yesterday. LOL!  A grandma ordered it for her grandson. Lucky I finished it early as he was 10 weeks premature. Don’t worry – I’m happy to say that the grandma says he’s doing well. The other elephant is for our eldest daughter. That’s right, we have another daughter, an absolutely gorgeous, very independent, highly intelligent and adventurous 19 year old. No, I am not biased. It’s all true. If anything, my description is an understatement. The sweet little elephant with the pink roses will be flying across the pacific to live with and be cared for by her in Australia. Lucky little bugger!


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