Gluten Free bread: our top 3 commercial brand favorites

by Bella

Obviously nothing compares to home-baked bread, but lets face it, it’s time consuming and messy to make. Jack and Bo are big bread eaters,and I must admit I do like the occasional slice of toast. We’ve tried a lot of commercial loaves and here is a breakdown of the three we like best.

1. Trader Joe’s Brown Rice Bread


brown rice flour, filtered water, tapioca flour, fresh yeast, safflower oil, rice bran, sea salt, xantham gum, cellulose gum


  • great taste
  • unsweetened
  • made with nutritious brown rice
  • doesn’t burn easily (because there’s no sugar in it)
  • great price-cheapest one we’ve found ($3.69 per loaf)
  • made with non-GMO ingredients as are all TJ’s products


  • or us – not available locally
  • molds quickly
  • not soft on the inside – a bit dry
  • contains cellulose gum
  • not-organic

2.The Essential Baking Company’s  Super Seeded Multi-Grain Bread

Ingredients and nutritional information


  • high in fiber as a multi-grain loaf
  • contains good fats from sunflower and flax seeds
  • soft consistency
  • shelf stable packaging- keeps for about 3 months
  • sold as a 2-pack at Costco (Northwest US stores only)
  • dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free
  • not frozen for transport
  • second best price ($7.99 per 2 loaf pack)


  • for us- not available locally
  • sweet taste (contains natural sweeteners)
  • burns easily
  • contains cellulose and cellulose gum
  • not verified non-GMO
  • not organic

3. Schär Classic White Bread

Ingredients and nutritional information


  • for us – available locally
  • sourdough taste – delicious
  • doesn’t taste sweetened
  • slightly crisp crust
  • soft consistency
  • doesn’t burn easily
  • dairy and egg-free
  • shelf stable packaging- keeps for about 3 months
  • good price when on sale (recently got it for $3.68 per loaf)


  • not a lot of nutritional value
  • contains soy
  • contains hydroxypropyl methylcellulose
  • unknown if frozen for transport
  • not verified non-GMO
  • not organic
  • expensive retail price ($5.99)

With most things that we eat we buy organic and try to get maximum nutrition for every dollar and calorie. Bread is the exception. It’s a comfort food especially for Jack and Bo. They’ve grown up with Vegemite toast, eggs on toast, beans on toast, toast with jam, and toasted sandwiches. They simply love it; so we compromise.

The three most important factors for us when selecting GF bread are 1.) Taste, 2.) Price, 3.) Availability.  Taking these factors into account, Schär Classic White Bread is our overall favorite. It tastes great, and stores well, so we can stock up when there’s a sale and this makes the price a winner as well.
Not all brands and varieties are available everywhere. What are your favorites where you live? Have you tried any of our favorites? Do you have a GF Bread recipe that will knock our socks off? Please share in the comments.


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