We’ve decided: let the testing begin

by Bella

It took a more than 3 weeks to make a decision, which is actually pretty quick for us. We like to make sure we’ve got all the information before we hand over our hard-earned money. We’ll be ordering a DNA test kit for Jack from 23 and Me this week. They seem to have the most detailed results and plenty of information is available online to explain the process.

That being said, we’ve decided to have my father tested instead of me. We want to know my paternal ancestry which can only be obtained through a male member of my family. We’re going to go through the process with Jack first and then, if all goes well, have a kit sent to my dad. We figure that it will be a whole lot easier for us to help him, if he needs it, once we’ve done it ourselves.

There’s a potential bonus to using 23 and Me which made the choice of using them fairly easy. Up until December of 2013, they used to provide a breakdown of health risks. The FDA put a stop to this. I won’t go into the theories as to why they were stopped, but 23 and ME still keeps this information on file. They just can’t currently share it with their customers. If the FDA lifts the ‘ban’ at some point, they will release that info to individuals tested. Not everyone may want to know if they have an increased risk of cancer or diabetes, but I would. With that information, I could make lifestyle changes specifically to reduce my risks in those targeted areas.

Another interesting feature is that they provide a traits section which tells you what color your eyes are and stuff like that. It’s a great way to verify their accuracy.

To learn more about the health and traits portion of 23 and Me test results visit this page of their site.

You can also watch this YouTube video that I found to be very informative:

I’ll be sharing our DNA testing journey from testing to results on this blog.



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