The gift of experience – Conveyor belt sushi

by Bella

We don’t give physical gifts for birthdays and holidays. We give experiences. Let’s face it, today most people already have more than they need, making it difficult to give them something they’ll appreciate and more importantly, remember. We just don’t even want to go down that road. On our minimalist journey, we’re nearly to the point where we have only what we need and little more, so instead of buying gifts for each other than we don’t need, we give the gift of experience.

Bo had her 16th birthday a few days back and we let her choose what she wanted to do to mark the occasion. She chose to go to a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. Because we don’t live anywhere near one of those, it meant a short trip and hotel stay. So really the birthday experience was more than just the restaurant, but the restaurant was definitely the hi-light.

We were blown away by the variety and abundance of sushi floating past us. The conveyor belt itself creates and interesting atmosphere and the decor and lighting gave it a very clean, modern Japanese feel.

The conveyor belt of deliciousness.

I’m going to let the pictures tell the rest of the story about the food and decor. We had a great time. Most importantly, Bo had a memorable birthday.

Veggie roll with sprouts

Edamame in a box. We had to make a “boxfree” exception in this case.

My personal favorite….          Avocado roll


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