How to start a new school year stress-free

by Bella

I’m sure parents of school-age kids who are reading this know exactly what I mean about back-to-school stress, both mental and financial. There’s school supplies, clothes, backpacks, transportation to be bought and/organized and schedules to be rearranged. We managed to avoid ALL of this. The transition into this new school year was nearly effortless.

The choices we’ve made for our lives aren’t for everyone so when reading this bear that in mind. We’ve found what works for us. In this case, it’s online high school.

Our teen daughter attends a virtual high. It’s free, she didn’t need any new clothes, no new backpack, and no transportation. She has a laptop computer (the school will even supply this if you don’t have one), a desk, a chair, a few pencils and a notebook. She can even work at her own pace which means that she can finish each semester early or take time as she needs it to do the things that inspire her like playing guitar and going for a swim.

This has been the easiest start to a school year that we’ve ever had. It’s even easier than when I home schooled, because I didn’t have to prepare a curriculum and search for and buy books and supplies.

Online school fits in with our goals, lifestyle and personalities. We didn’t have to accumulate loads of stuff, we saved money, our daughter will have time and we’ll have the money for her to pursue other interests, and she won’t have to be in a hectic and noisy school environment which can make it hard to focus.

There’s always a challenge, and in this case it’s the lack of social interaction. Many online schools offer student meet-ups and activities. We, however live in a remote small town where such meet-ups aren’t really practical. There are other options that we’re pursuing: our daughter volunteers and is considering getting a job and possibly taking dance lessons.Each of these things will give her the opportunity to meet new people and hopefully to make new friends.

We feel very fortunate to have the option of virtual high school available to us, and we now look forward to the beginning of the school year with no shopping, and no stress.



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