9 goals on our journey to voluntary simplicity

by Bella

Our 9 goals to achieve voluntary simplicity and a box free life are:

  1. to be free of boxes of stuff. If it’s not something we use on a daily basis and truly need or love, it’s got to go.
  2. to eat only simple foods that are nutritious, organic, vegetarian/vegan whole foods that are easy to prepare
  3. to live in an environment where we can bike, walk or use public transport and be car free
  4. to be able to fit all of our possessions into one small bag each and only one small container of kitchen supplies
  5. to travel, to live, to love life without the constraints of maintaining a home, having excess physical possessions or working at jobs we that don’t feed our spirits. Without the stuff, we don’t need the home, without the home, we don’t need the jobs
  6. to generate an income from things that we enjoy
  7. to have the time and money to travel and explore our passions
  8. to post on this blog weekly to track our progress and hopefully help others
  9. to start a YouTube channel about our adventures by the end of this year

Summing it all up, our goal is to remove all of the things from our lives that don’t have a place in our future in order to open up space for new opportunities to enter.

There’s a new YouTuber who we find inspiring. He’s on a similar journey to ours and has completed the 100 Day Reality Challenge. You should check out his channel, Adam Peacock.

Here’s his latest video Minimalism & Simplicity: My Philosophies & Practices








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